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Holland Park Capital launches digital hedge fund

SUBMITTED 07/11/2022 - 10:08AM

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Holland Park Capital has recently launched a new digital hedge fund, Holland Park Digital Assets which began trading last week with proprietary capital and intends to raise $250 million over time from high net worth investors.

Holland Park takes a multi-strategy, systematic approach to crypto trading and currently runs sleeves focused on fundamental long-biased investing, dynamic hedging, pair trading and arbitrage. Annualised performance is targeted at 30-50% with a volatility of 30%. The fund invests in a multitude of strategies either directly, through managed accounts or fund investments.

At Holland Park, the belief is that over time most assets will be digitalised. This will have a profound impact on finance and many other economic sectors. Diligently managed fundamental exposure to this exponential growth with systematic investment and dynamic hedge methodologies has the potential to create outstanding investment returns.

The manager, co-founded Quant Asset Management Pte Ltd in 2004, a Singapore MAS regulated Global Equity Hedge Fund that has operated for over 15 years and won many awards, including the Asia Hedge Award and the Best Quantitative Fund by Asian an Investor, trading over $5 billion on a yearly basis. Holland Park has offices in London, Singapore and the BVI while the fund is based in BVI.

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